One hallmark of my personal spiritual beliefs, is that charity is central to the duties I owe to the world.

I have given thousands of volunteer hours over my lifetime, and thousands of dollars to worthy causes. An even greater blessing, is to encourage others to give. Thus was born "Worthy Causes".

I have attempted to select non-religious, politically-neutral causes, although most charities have one or both somewhere in the background. Additionally, Ive tried to find dollar-efficient causes that retain or use a minimum of contribution dollars for overhead, admin, fundraising, and the like. A few charities, notably the Northwest Pilot Project, Americas Second Harvest, and Smile Train actually dedicate over 96% of every dollar raised toward DIRECT service, leaving the burden of overhead costs to their Boards of Directors and other supporters. These charities are especially efficient in their operation, which minimizes overhead, and maximizes the effectiveness of your donation.

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Northwest Pilot Project

University of Washington Foundation

America's Second Harvest

Changing the World One Smile at a Time

Washington Homeownership Center - Your first step to homeownership Washington Homeownership Center - Your first step to homeownership


I invite you to click on the banner ads at SeattleFineHomes to find a charity that appeals to you and make a donation. Also, Im always on the look-out for dollar-efficient, tax deductible charities that fit the criteria mentioned above. So, if you find a worthy and efficiently operated cause, please drop me a line!